Building Maintenance

CHAPS Services are performed with a professionally trained, experienced staff as well as a competent and capable management team. Our employees have been carefully recruited for trustworthiness, reliability and attentiveness to detail.

CHAPS Building Maintenance Services is proficient in both occupied and vacant premises.

CHAPS Building Maintenance Services regards all service calls as urgent and responds to them accordingly. Total Customer satisfaction is our goal and passion.


Supervisory Staff

Our Supervisory staff has almost two decades of experience in the field of Building Maintenance.


Staff Training & Skills

Every new hire is put through a rigorous training process. All skills, starting with the most basic cleaning duties all the way up to the more complex and highly skilled areas, such as painting, stripping and waxing floors, etc… are evaluated and enhanced until they are competent to do the job the CHAPS way. We make sure that every CHAPS employee understands that they are our ambassadors to the community as well as workers with a task to perform. It is this attention to detail that makes the difference in our service at all times.


Free Assessment and Estimate Process

All requests for information are responded to quickly. Once details are covered via either E-mail, phone call or direct site or office visit, an experienced appraiser will arrange a visit to the site in question in order to assess client needs and to make valuable suggestions based on previous and similar circumstances, free of charge. A written bid will then be presented and negotiated to mutual satisfaction. Once the contract is signed, sufficient personnel will be assigned to cover the needs and conditions of the contracting party and a schedule of services will be provided prior to the start of work.

Chaps Services

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