The demands on a Minority Woman-owned businesses are certainly no less than those faced by any other mainstream business. In fact, the demands are usually much higher, the circumstances more stringent and the chances of success are less certain. In 1994, the principles of CHAPS Services were well aware of the uphill struggle they were facing as they sought to build a new company into something more than a dream of independence and as an avenue to create employment opportunities for members of their community. It is the reality of that struggle that tells the CHAPS story most eloquently.

The CHAPS Company Motto, “Our service is the difference” has served as a guide through the battlefield of everyday survival to a sustained path of continued growth and success. It was this seemingly simple dedication that has allowed CHAPS to raise itself above the competition to become a serious presence in, firstly, the communities of Roxbury and Dorchester and, now, to take on the goal of making significant business strides and headway into the city of Boston in general.

We have gone the extra mile, in terms of making sure that we pay attention to both the little details and the larger issues of service, on an ongoing basis from the very start of daily operations. We have made sure that our staff understood our seriousness and commitment to achieving total customer satisfaction as a matter of course and that they, too, shared our mission of excellence personified.

Starting with our very first contracts for Building Maintenance, we have always given the time and effort necessary to get the job done as expertly as possible, cutting no corners in any way. An interesting side result is that our new customers began to seek us out, with little or no advertising or marketing on our part. We think that is the highest compliment that a company can be paid by a marketplace; to be sought out because the word is being passed around that quality can be found at a certain address and phone number. We have always been happy to include these new customers into our business family.

The CHAPS story is far from complete. We have worked this last decade to create a strong base and that is only the beginning. Aside from our new CHAPS Security venture, headed up by Mr. Culberth James, VP for CHAPS Services, we are looking to expand into the city at large and to take on ever more complex types of jobs, such as schools, churches, office buildings and other types of building developments in our vibrant home city of Boston.

Rest assured, that we will never forget that attention to detail and a commitment to excellence is the way to success and that “Our service is the difference” is the Motto that still applies every single day.



Hyacinth Baird-James, M.Ed


Culberth James


CHAPS Services’ staff personnel are well-trained and professional. Our employees have been carefully recruited for trustworthiness, attentiveness to detail, reliability, and are proficient on both occupied and vacant premises.


CHAPS Certifications, Insurance & Affiliations
Independently Owned and Operated

  • Building Owner & Managers Association (BOMA)
  • Rental Housing Association (RHA)
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Building Trades Association
  • State Office of Minority Women Business Assistance (S.O.W.M.B.A.)
  • Licensed Contractor
  • Fully Insured
  • New England Minority Women Purchasing Council
  • Minority & Women Business Enterprise (M.W.B.E.)